µ-Tune Unit 160 m.

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The RF µTUNING KIT provides ultra-sharp RF Selectivity for the front end of the transceiver.

Very High Q is made possible by the narrow-band design.

Three RF µTUNING KITS are available:

µTuning Kit MTU-160 : Covers the 1.8 MHz band;
µTuning Kit MTU-80/40 : Covers the 3.5 and 7 MHz bands
µTuning Kit MTU-30/20 :  Covers 10.1 and 14 MHz bands


The permeability-tuning concept utilized in the µ-Tune circuit dates back many decades, as it was incorporated in such classic transceivers as the FT-101 and FT-901 series, in addition to the FTDX-401 and similar models.
The µ-Tune circuit in this RF µTUNING KIT is the highest development of this circuit concept ever employed in an Amateur transceiver, and is adopted in our highest-grade transceiver, the FTDX-9000 series.

When any (or all) of the three optional units are installed, they will be automatically adjusted to center on your operating frequency.

The narrow bandwidth is especially useful on the low bands, when many strong signals are being received via NVIS (Near Vertical-Incidence Signals) within a narrow bandwidth. The added protection for the RF stage is especially helpful in preventing IMD and blocking.

The RF µTUNING KIT, provides a high Q and shape factor much higher than that afforded even by VRF. It can also be manually adjusted to provide relief from interference as close as 10 kHz away. The insertion loss of the RF µTUNING KIT is higher than that of the VRF circuit, so if Noise Figure is a concern, you may select the VRF circuit, instead of the RF µTUNING KIT via the Menu of the Transceiver (if applicable).


The The RF µTune is described as follows:

- Fully-automatic External µ-tuning
- The RF µ-Tuning filters utilise a stack of large 28mm Ni-Zn Ferrite cores, driven through a silver-plated coil assembly by a high-durability Synchro Belt Drive and HB precision stepper motor
- The resulting high Q (typically over 300) provides a very steep resonance peak near your operating frequency

On the 160 m band, typically -3dB @ ±12kHz, -30dB @ ±450kHz

Kit consists of:

- Hardware Kit (Screws/spacers)
- Legs
- RX-Tune Unit
- Jumper plug
- RCA-RCA RF Cable
- DIN-DIN Control Cable
- Case, in individual parts (to assemble)
- µTUNE UNIT (separate Pack)
- Installation Manual
- Operating Manual

Note: Basic Tools are required to assemble this Kit.

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